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black anti-slip robber mat
Anti-slip robber mat is one of the most important materials which provides load safety. It ensures that loads are not damaged against movements like acceleration, shaking, braking during transportation. International Dunnage produces high-quality anti-slip robber mat which takes up the load safety to maximum level.   What Are The Features of ID Robber Mats? The […]
composite hoop white
International Dunnage has achieved to become the leading company among composite hoop suppliers with its quality. ID ensures load safety thanks to its composite hoops, which it manufactures with practical use and high durability. What is a Composite Hoop? The apparatus that allows the loads to be connected, fixed and held together is called a […]
In the process of cargo transportation, certain materials are used for ensuring both load and road safety. One of these materials is the air bag. Types of airbags manufactured for use in cargo safety are available with different features according to needs. International Dunnage ensures the maximum level of cargo safety through various airbags suitable […]
sea freight
As it is critical for all types of transport, ensuring load safety is extremely important for sea freight as well. Therefore, various airbags are manufactured for use in sea freight and for ensuring the safety of the cargo. In this article, we have compiled the 4 best air bags that can be used in sea […]
Used for holding products together during transportation, composite strapping is also known as composite fiber strapping. Importance of Composite Strapping in Freight Transportation Vibrations and collisions may sometimes occur due to road conditions during cargo transportation. Tools that ensure load safety are manufactured in order for preventing this. One of these tools is the composite […]
Desiccant bags prevent the cargo from being adversely affected by moisture during transportation. This way, a high-quality and safe transportation process is ensured by preventing the damage and deterioration of the transported goods. There are different types of desiccant bags used for containers and cargoes, depending on the load and distance. ID Desiccant Bag Types […]
Types of straps are manufactured in order to ensure load safety and quality shipment. The most suitable strapping for both cost-efficient and safe transportation is determined and the transportation process is planned accordingly. Types of ID Straps Composite Strap The strength and quality of composite strapping prevent the load from shifting, overturning, and bumping. Especially […]
For many years paper Dunnage Airbags was the dominant load securement product used for shipping via rail. Polywoven Dunnage Airbags were developed to enhance performance of dunnage bags to meet transportation and user requirements. At International Dunnage we started our business by manufacturing and selling Dunnage Airbags with the following objectives: Manufacture a Dunnage Airbag […]
Various tools and materials that are used to ensure cargo securing
The process of fixing and securing the cargo in order for keeping the cargo stable during transportation, preventing it from getting damaged and causing damage to other loads is called cargo securing. Various tools and materials are used to ensure load securing. Cargo securing is important because it ensures that the cargo can be transported […]
we see 2 Dunnage Airbag Inflator
Dunnage air bag is used for preventing the loads and cargo from getting damaged, crushed, or wet. This product is very important in terms of both cargo safety and cargo securing. Inflator blower is used for inflating these air dunnage bags to an adequate size. There are certain factors to take into account when choosing […]
anti-slip rubber mat
One of the precautions to be taken in order to ensure load securing during the transportation is the use of anti-slip rubber mats that keep the cargo stable. During transportation, the cargo may slip due to sudden braking, cornering, or many other possible situations. This causes severe damage to both the transported material and other […]
Dunnage Inflator
Dunnage bag is a protective product used for preventing damage to loads and products to be transported. The use of dunnage airbags allows safe transportation operations. Various dunnage inflator tools are available for the inflation of the dunnage bag. The dunnage bag inflator blower fills the dunnage bags to be used for transportation with air […]

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