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Quality is our highest priority and is carried out at each stage of production. Our integrated production consists of cutting, heat sealing, and sewing by utilizing the latest technology and equipment. In early stages, tapes and fabrics are tested for their tensile strengths. 100% of the valves pass through an air leakage test before being used. Before packaging, air leakage test applied at the end of the each production line and a burst test is applied to the bags randomly taken off daily. Each bag is tagged with a barcode label to enable the traceability during and after production.Our quality standarts comply with ISO 9001



•           To meet the needs and admirations of our customers with the products we produce and present/launch in the packaging industry.

•           To work systematically and process focused to ensure consistent, high quality product.

•           To increase employee satisfaction and motivation while increasing productivity through provided trainings.

•           Customer-oriented thinking, aiming to increase customer satisfaction continuously.

•           Identify the strategies needed to achieve the highest level of institutionalization.

•           To provide the best quality product to the market by using developing technology with competent and qualified employees.

•           To analyze the customer needs and to understand them clearly and efficiently. This will result in a satisfied customer with desired product.

•           To work with people who share our beliefs and quality consciousness.  We want to build positive team spirit on the principle of customer satisfaction.

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