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International Dunnage A.S.

International Dunnage is an American and Turkish joint venture company established in 2004 to manufacture and supply dunnage bags to the world market. All products are manufactured at International Dunnage’s state of art production facility in Kastamonu-Tosya, Turkey and San Pedro, Dominican Republic.

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We manufacture and distribute poly-woven dunnage bags, in Levels 1 to 5 with multiple filling valve options. Some contain International Dunnage’s own patented valves.

Our integrated production consists of cutting, heat sealing, and sewing by utilizing the latest technology and equipment. Quality is our highest priority and is carried out at each stage of the production. In early stages, tapes and fabrics are tested for their tensile strength. 100% of the valves pass through an air leakage test before being used. A flat wall pressure test is applied to finished bags, and a burst test is also randomly applied to the bags taken off the production lines. Each bag is tagged with a barcode label to enable the traceability during and after production. Our bags are tested and approved by AAR (American Railroad Association). All levels from 1 to 5 are AAR verified.

Our US headquarters is based in Thunderbolt, Georgia.  We have two distribution locations: one in Savannah, GA and one on the West Coast in Puyallup, WA. We carry a large amount of inventory in both locations allowing for immediate delivery throughout the country. European headquarters are based in Istanbul, Turkey and has a wide distribution sales network throughout Europe and Russia.

Over the years International Dunnage has grown to be one of the major players and a preferred brand name in the global industry.

International Dunnage offers excellent service with rapid delivery, and we provide prompt and creative solutions for customer requirements.